Good Morning Everyone,

I would like to share a few technologies that I find beneficial in my classroom to help student comprehend and to assist me in communicating what I am trying to teach them. First of all, what may be quite obvious is a laptop. It’s almost a requirement now a days due to the fact that most classroom have done away with the classic overhead projector, remember that old thing. Having a laptop to connect to the projecting device such as a Smart board or an LCD/HD project is a must.

An internet connection would be required. With almost anything and everything loaded on YouTube, visual demonstrations are always easier to help drive the message home with how something works if a verbal explanation is ineffective. The third piece of technology I would implement, I guess forth, is a streaming device such Apple TV or WD digital media player in order to eliminate cables and incompatibly issues between devices.  If there is anything you can recommend please feel free to reply and make a suggestion.